Is Being “Divergent” A Good Thing?

When it was released, Summit Entertainment hoped that “Divergent” will become the next big thing. And, it seems that their hopes were realized. “Divergent” is one of the most recent fantasy series that made it to the big screen and it took place right next to “The Hunger Games.” “Divergent” features similar elements “The Hunger Games” does – a futuristic setting, a strong heroine, a struggle against the oppression, and, of course, a romance. But, the movie is not as well-focused as “The Hunger Games.”

In certain parts, “Divergent” stops being focused on things it was supposed to. The entire movie slowly starts revolving around identity – about finding your true self, determining who you are, and trying to fit in during that transitional period from adolescence to adulthood. The movie version of the wildly popular novel struggles a bit to assert itself as it tries to appeal to the widest possible audience. “Divergent” is the first movie in the trilogy, and it opened the series in a disappointingly predictable fashion.

One great thing about the film, though, is that it sticks closely to the novel. Fans were delighted when they realized their favorite scenes have not been omitted. But, those who did not read the books will perfectly understand what is going on. p>The action takes place in a futuristic Chicago that has been depopulated as a result of a global catastrophe. A huge wall was built around the city, keeping all the citizens inside. Humans are divided into five factions according to their abilities – Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite. However, our heroine, Tris Prior, finds out one day that she is divergent – she has an affinity for more than one faction. In the world of perfect order, divergents are undesirable and hunted simply because they are different.

Besides all the action and the background story, this movie will definitely make you think about yourself. It is very likely to inspire all young adults, who have seen the movie, to search for their true selves and not to become what others want them to, but to be themselves. It may sound cheesy, but in the world that is filled with all sorts of role models, it is not a bad idea to stay on your own track.

Unfortunately, all the action, romance, and messages were not enough to stop the critics from giving mixed reviews. CinemaScore gave the movie an “A,” while Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes decided to go for lower ratings – 48 points from Metacritic and a score of 40% from Rotten Tomatoes.

All in all, the first move in The Divergent Series turned out to be a great success. The movie grossed a total of $288.7 million worldwide. Calculating in all expenses, “Divergent” made a profit of $71.87 million. On its opening weekend, it rocked the scene by attaining the No. 1 spot in both the domestic and worldwide box office.

Check out how the young actress Shailene Woodley, her colleague Theo James, and the rest of the crew fit in on the set in the video below.

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